You should always utilise the latest technology in the workplace. The iPad, for example, has become an integral part of many businesses. More than just a flashy piece of technology, it has useful functions that make the workday easier. Often, technology can be more cumbersome than functional. That is not the case with the iPad. It’s portability makes it the perfect companion when in the office or travelling.

Its core use alone is beneficial to your work day. It is a quick and simple way to take notes, jot down ideas or just keep up with the news. However, there are thousands of apps available that will make your working day easier and simpler. You can customise the iPad to hold all the functions that you need on a daily basis. Here are the best uses for the iPad in a business environment.

Give Presentations

The iPad is a powerful multimedia tool. You can create and run presentations on the fly. Perfect for those meetings across town. You can edit it in the cab on the way over and easily set it up when you arrive. The iPad will connect wirelessly to bluetooth TVs. As a backup, a simple VGA cable will get you hooked up. Once the presentation is over, you can simply pass the iPad around for anyone wanting a second glance.

Design on the go

With the right iPad apps, you can quickly make mock-ups and rough designs on the go. If you’re away from your computer, you can simply create the mock-up and send it on to your designers. You can create packaging designs and have it sent straight to the cardboard core cutter for production. Best of all, you don’t have to be in the office at your desktop to do it.

Use as a sales brochure

As a business person you’ll often find yourself at networking events where you need to show off your products. That’s never a problem when you’ve got your iPad to hand. This is also useful if you’re pitching to another business. When a question comes in, you can quickly find the answer by accessing your emails. You can also load up your company’s website to show off any client reviews or extra information. It’s a great tech solution for your business.

News Consumption

iPads are a great way of staying on top of current affairs. You can customise your news intake by sticking to certain news apps. You can then customise within those to only feature the content you want. You can use the Twitter app to follow the right people in your business and keep up to date. Best of all, you can keep on top of this during your commute or when trekking across town. The iPad helps you stay working even in the downtime.


Finally, the iPad will help you stay productive. You can jot down notes and easily file them. You can synch up your calendar and quickly update it. You can set alerts for deadlines and create complex to-do lists. You can eliminate the piles of paper and post it notes. Collect it all into a simple and organised structure on your iPad