We all dreamed of that futuristic house when we were young. Households of science-fiction always promised sliding doors and flying robots to help with the washing up. We haven’t quite got what we dreamed of yet. However, there are many technological advances that are helping us in the home. If we look to the future, there are plenty more on the way.

From appliances that think like humans to smart health monitors, technology in the home will soon outsmart us. Of course, we will see significant advances in entertainment and gaming systems. These things are at the core of our home. We also be more connected to the internet than ever before. We will become more and more reliant on our home to monitor energy consumption too.

Health detectors

In the future, our bathroom mirrors will be able to provide a quick health check. While you’re brushing your teeth, your mirror can scan your eye movements. It can detect changes in brain function and alert you. Hand held sensors will monitor blood pressure. They will even spot the first sign of strokes and heart attacks. Smart toilets already exist in Japan. They can detect signs of diabetes. Some can now indicate pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.


Entertainment is the most visible sign of technology change in our homes. Whether it’s laptops, tablets or TVs, they are constantly evolving. TVs that can be rolled up and put away are just around the corner. We might not all have cinema rooms just yet, but you can make one yourself. An Optoma projector can be used to project your favourite films onto a clear wall. Scatter some cushions around and you’ve got a cinema! Sound systems are becoming more interconnected and voice controlled too.

Home robots

The technology for a human sized helper to cook and clean is a long way off. But, certain cleaning robots do already exist. Small hoover robots can scuttle around the floor tidying up after you. Some even have arms to pick up large pieces of litter. They can scale stairs and switch between surfaces. We are just beginning to see the birth of this home robot technology. It will only grow and help us in ways we didn’t even know we needed.

The internet of things

The internet of things is a new concept on the lips of every tech genius. It’s a clunky phrase that essentially means that our appliances and equipment will be smarter. It means our fridges will know when we run out of milk and automatically add it to our online shopping lists. It means that our electricity systems will monitor how much energy we are using and switch off appliances. It will even keep an eye on your personal finances. It will connect every aspect of our lives, learn our routines and adapt with us.

Our homes are slowly growing into the futuristic houses we dreamed of. The idea of robots and appliances that think like humans is a little scary. However, it will make our homes smarter, more efficient and safer. It is an exciting time for home technology development.