You have probably heard of the name Oculus Rift by now but do you know what it actually is? Even more importantly, do you know why you should think about getting one in 2015?

This is a hugely exciting piece of technology that could be set to take the world by storm soon. The following tells you everything you need to know about it.
The Basics

This is a virtual reality head mounted display that is currently being developed by a company called Oculus VR, which was recently bought by Facebook. It is expected to be up for sale at some point in 2015, although development kits have already been released with the aim of getting content developed for its release. The Oculus rift isnĀ“t the first gadget of this type to get released but it promises to give us the kind of immersive experience that many of us have been dreaming of for years. The early reviews of prototypes have been hugely encouraging. While this sort of cutting edge technology clearly has issues to resolve, the critics who have tried it to date have been impressed by it. There is no doubt that it could offer us the kind of immersive 3D environment that is nothing like we have seen before.

The Games

It seems sure that the future of Oculus Rift will involve a lot more than gaming. A virtual reality headset like this can open up all sorts of possibilities for us in so many different ways. However, for the time being it is for gaming purposes that many of us are so keen to slip on that headset and get caught up in a world of unbelievable gaming. There are currently close to 200 games with Oculus rift support, including Doom 3: BFG Edition, The Forest, Half-Life 2 and Star Citizen. These are going to be games like none we have ever played and you are probably never going to forget the first time you played in a genuine virtual reality setting. Over time the games will almost certainly get even better and exploit more of the possibilities of the Oculus Rift but even now we expect the early games to be simply sensational.

Why Buy One in 2015?

The year has just started but we already think that this could be the year of the Oculus Rift. This is a game changing type of technology that geeks all over the world are keenly waiting on. It is easy to imagine queues filling the streets all over the planet when the headset finally goes on sale. How great would you feel to get in one the act and be one of the first people to get hold of their very own Oculus Rift? You could then invite friends over to use it and enjoy using one of the most exciting new pieces of technology to be released in a long time. If you love gaming and new gadgets then the release of this headset could be the highlight of 2015 for you.